Devry University, Phoenix, AZ
Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Design and Development
GPA 3.85 Graduated April 2014
Courses Completed
WGD201 Visual Design Fundamentals: This course was an introduction to design fundamentals utilizing the Adobe Illustrator software. Course subjects included the introduction of design elements, design principles, and a focus on understanding and utilizing Adobe Illustrator along with the tools and features within Illustrator.

WGD205 Advanced Design and Rapid Visualization: This course was an introduction into web page standards, the preparation and development of a design such as brainstorming and storyboarding, and the use of type in design such as creating dynamic text. These techniques were applied in the creation of designs such as logos, advertisements for use on the web and in print, and web pages through the use of Adobe Illustrator.

WGD210 Digital Imaging Fundamentals: This course was an introduction to the concepts of digital imaging through the use of Adobe Photoshop. This course introduced Adobe Photoshop and the tools within Photoshop to utilize these tools to edit, enhance, and prepare images for application to the web.

WGD229 Information Design: This course introduced the integration of graphics and text through understanding and utilizing the principles of analysis, explanation, and communication of information and ideas. This course introduced and focused on working within a design team and the roles and responsibilities of the members of a design team.

WGD232 Web Design: Introduced and outlined web design principles, topics of web content management. Also, introduced hypertext markup language (HTML), extensible hypertext markup language (XHTML), cascading style sheets (CSSs), WYSIWYG editors, scripting, and web accessibility standards and executed these through composing mock up web pages and web sites.

WGD235 Web Animation: Introduced the design and production of automated and user-mediated animation utilizing Adobe Flash while incorporating file-size optimization, formatting requirements and compatibility, scripting and ActionScript 3.0, and timing features for optimal production.

WGD242 Advanced Web Design: Introduced project proposals and contracts focusing on topics such as ownership (copyright, licensing, etc.), budget specifications (cost, amounts, limitations), timeline specifications (including milestones and sign-offs), and legality clauses (limited-liability, maintenance). Also, practiced executed these in a group oriented project, composing a mock up website incorporating a proposal and contract, while adhering to a timeline with milestones, and a budget.

WGD250 Instructional Design: Introduced processes to developing instructional designs through understanding and utilizing methods such as the ADDIE model, and Bloom’s Taxonomy. Also, discussed research of target audience or learner demographic, effective methods for content delivery (visual, auditory, interactive), and developing effective performance objectives. These were executed through developing an online, interactive instructional design.

Design Skills

Adobe software including Illustrator (logo, banner, and illustration design), Photoshop (image size, color, and scene optimization/manipulation), Flash (automated and user-mediated animation development, ActionScript, audio integration) Dreamweaver (web page and website design utilizing HTML, XHTML, CSS), Fireworks (web elements and media optimization and editing).
Work Experience
Technical Systems Analyst, DriveTime, Tempe, AZ, March 2013-March 2014

Took second level, system related help tickets, troubleshooting system and user issues. This included research, documentation, and communicating solutions to the user. Also, trained and worked on application and web development projects.

Direct Support Specialist, Child and Family Support Services, Tempe, AZ, April 2010-February 2013

Worked with children involved in behavioral health services communicating all events, incidents, and progress along with coordinating goals and objectives with the support team. Taught life skills to assist the individual and family to reach their goals and objectives associated with their behavior health plan, documented all progress with the individual, and intervened for safety during escalated confrontations.

Habilitation Technician, Horizon Human Services, Tempe, AZ, March 2008-April 2010

Supervised clients, counseled clients, passed medications, diffusing dangerous situations, general upkeep of the home, and documented all daily occurrences and incidents. Obtained certification in CPR, First Aid, medication distribution, and Article 9.

Customer Service, Vangent Inc., Phoenix, AZ, February 2008-March 2008

Answered incoming calls, directing callers through the financial aid website and financial aid applications. Walked callers step-by-step through the financial aid website, diagnosing user and systems issues.

Thermographer, Enreps, Phoenix, AZ, September 2005-December 2007

Traveled nationwide and performed infrared inspections of buildings’ electrical systems and prepared all infrared reports using Thermocam Reporter 7 and Version 8.2. Performed energy commissions of new builds and remodeled stores (inspecting HVAC, lighting, refrigeration, and electrical), energy management surveys and installations, coordinated inspections with contracted electricians, trained new employees.

Surveyor, Verisae, Minneapolis, MN, March 2005-September 2005

Completed a 6 month contract with Verisae, coordinated by Enreps LLC., locating, electronically tagging, and documenting equipment and asset inventory at various sites throughout Arizona.

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